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“Up in the clouds, there was a Kingdom of Balloon Animals…….”

A puppy Tinny, gets tied to a balloon and floats up into the blue sky. He drifts up into the clouds where he meets various unique animals, who have been attached to balloons since their births. They become friends and the adventure begins….


Makes children laugh and moves adults to tears.
A story book which makes Everyone Happy!

Tinny a puppy, reaches a strange world where Balloon Animals live. Tinny was bewildered at odd things happening up in the clouds, but for Balloon Animals, those are common senses. Tinny gradually finds new discoveries and a way of solution, by changing his perspective and putting himself in their shoes. Life can be much happier if you just look up a little. This story book whispers to us the important thing in life.
A story of Balloon Animals by GENKI KAWAMURA, an author of “Sekai kara Neko ga Kietanara” a nominee of 2013 Book shop Award, and KENJIRO SANO a top Art Director.